3 countries in 24 hours.

So how do you go about having a time constraint planned itinerary? Embrace it.

We left Manila, Philippines at around 3:30pm due to a delayed flight and touched down Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at around 8:00pm. Travelled by taxi to our pre-booked accommodation in Mercu Serviced Apartments which is like 8 minute walk to Petronas Twin Towers. We had dinner at a fastfood-like place called Pepita’s and went straight to the mesmerizing twin towers. Home at close to 12:00am for a quick freshen up and nap, shall I say, for us to leave at 2:00am for a 6:00am flight to our next destination.

Almost an hour ride from the city to the airport, we flew to Singapore to experience Universal Studios for the third time. It still feels the same first time of being an excited kid riding the movies you’ve grown up with. Staying here quickly for just 27 hours but still managed to meet my friends and former workmates reminiscing the good old days.

Adventure continues as we cross back to Malaysia, this time in Johor Bahru where Legoland is located. Due to horrible lines in the immigration, our time were constrained. Checked in to their themed hotel with its amazingly amenities almost all made with lego. Worth every penny especially if you are tagging along children with you. Short with time though to explore the theme park, good thing long rides line was avoided since less people were in. 

Swiftly after the buffet breakfast, we rented cabs to bring us to Senai Airport for an 11:00am flight back to Kuala Lumpur for another flight back to Manila. I met Nando’s again after so long back when I was in Ireland few years back. This was also the time to catch up on our pasalubong shopping. Good thing their airports have malls to shop conveniently. 

Whew! That was a fast 96 hours journeying 3 countries with 8 airport encounters and 3 different hotels from different parts of Asia. Having 10 adults traveling, tagging along 3 kids was indeed a challenge but worth embracing every step of the way.


Vindicating Vietnam.

Vindicating Vietnam.

Vietnam has so much heart on their history keeping their heads up on what their country has become. With its great array of quality food and good shopping finds, Vietnam is one country recommended for backpacking tourists who seeks adventure and thrills on their travel diaries.



Ho Chi Minh City or previously known as Saigon is located on the southern part Vietnam in which most tourist visit. Pham Ngu Lao is the main center of all the visitors of the city. Most hotels, bars, parks, markets, restaurants, shopping stores are located nearby.


The Ben Tanh Market is where most souvenirs, good buys and delicious food can be found. Make sure you suite yourself to your best bargaining skills to maximize your shopping budget. Be also mindful with people who try to take advantage over other people, especially the tourists, who over priced their products plus can held you up if they really want you to buy their stuffs.


The War Remnants Museum is one of the must visit museum in the city. It showcased the stories of Vietnamese during the war of the Americans. The understanding beneath the hearts of every locale from this country will surely be explained here, especially of what had happened during the era of the “Agent Orange”.


The Notre Dame Cathedral is another site to visit. It’s good architecture will surely amaze every tourist visiting.
Another must see is the Central Post Office. It is open for tourist to view what’s in store and to take some pictures with an ongoing sight on how the post office rolls.


TIP: If you are on a tight budget and cool to walk around the city, it can actually be strolled since the spots are just near to each other and near Pham Ngu Lao, which is again the center of the tourist attractions.


Cu Chi Tunnels is about 90-minutes away from Ho Chi Minh City. In here, you can see the maze tunnels and picture how people lived underground during the war era. A documentary film can be viewed showing the Vietnamese struggle during the war. The nearly 200 kilometer tunnels serve as their underground cities to defend themselves from the attack of the Americans. Experience these tunnels to feel like a local on their medieval years.

TIP: Always be vigilant and keep an eye on your valuables especially with people taking advantage of the tourists.


Vietnam has so much things to offer. The city is a tourist friendly, especially for backpackers, however, not recommendable for family trips. Will definitely find time to see what the northern part of this country has to say. I will see you very soon, Hanoi!

Malaysia… Truly Asia.

I was continuously astonished with the advertisement of Malaysian tourism describing beauty of their country relating to the vibrancy of the continent Asia as a whole. With their tag-line and jingle running on my mind, the best curiosity came along bringing them on my bucket list to visit.


Original plan was to touch down Kuala Lumpur as a quick trip before heading to Singapore, however airline messed up so itinerary went into a new one. Buses from Singapore to some cities in Malaysia are available either in Bugis or the Nicholl Highway driving roughly 6 hours to Kuala Lumpur. And so an 11:30pm bus was booked.

It gave me a surprise about the immigration setting separating the two countries by a body of water connected by a bridge. The thought of exiting the land of Singapore picking you up on the other side after the passport stamped. Few minutes after, same is through as you enter the Malaysian perimeter with your luggage checked and stamped entry to the land.

Touching down one of the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur near the Berjaya Times Square, which is the loading and unloading area for the passengers. It was pass 4 in the morning, so we decided to look for a cheap hotel around just to check in our bags before our adventure starts.


As the sun started to shine, we started our journey. Lego land was supposedly a destination however; it is in Johor Batu, which is quite a distant to Kuala Lumpur so we decided to explore the capital city. We then head to the World’s second highest next to Taipei 101 to date, the majestic Petronas Twin Towers. There is pink bus around the city bringing tourists to this spot. A bus stop near Bukit Bintang is suggested to all tourists starting their voyage.


The heat of the sun is quite terrible so we then had brunch in a nearby hawker kind of place. Food was ok. Then we went to check the H&M items in a mall across the tower and as we go down further, a train station named KLCC was found. This brought us to the central station, which will lead us to the famous Hindu Batu Caves.


A 1ringgit train ride will convey you to this cave, which is the last station of this train. Be careful to check the seats designated for ladies for guards or the ‘polis’ will let you get off these seats. The scorching heat of the sun did not hinder us from climbing the stairs to reach the lovely cave where hindu’s faith is being flourished.  With the monkeys lingering will really entertain you. True enough the 287 steps paved way to a well-preserved body of nature providing the hindu religious culture. Truly amazing!


Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower is another landmark of the city with an outstanding top view of the urban jungle of the land. It cost RM49 to climb the view deck.  Adding just a few amounts of riggits, you can access the revolving restaurant, Atmosphere 360, which offers an array of food in a buffet style; Price range depends on the mealtime you arrive. Reservation is also suggested to get a good seat picturing the view.


Since we are quite early for our ride back to Singapore, we tried to experience the shopping sites of the metropolis. Kuala Lumpur City Center is one of the targets. Another one is the active street of Bukit Bintang with an array of sites to check upon.


Petronas Twin Towers did not fail us when we revisited them at night. The splendid lighting that shines the building highlights the magnificence of the architecture of design. It is truly worth every shot of the camera.

Malaysia’s culture is rich seeing a range of ethnicities around showcasing the abundance of what the continent Asia can offer. Environment is more likely like the Philippines though in an improved way. Traveling around Kuala Lumpur in a day is quite enough to explore this side of Malaysia. However, I guess this conurbation can offer more. I am still open to exploring this country and hopefully check on the other cities of the country.