Do Burma: A diverse Myanmar experience.

We are customed with usual tourist-y spots when we visit a foreign land. Here in @doburma, far more different than the usual. Sharing one of the highlights of my Yangon trip.

It was an amazing experience learning Myanmar’s language, culture, history, food and a lot more.

We started learning their language on a classroom like set up. Then we applied them by going to the market and buy the ingredients for our lunch in which we joined forces in cooking the famous Burmese cuisine ‘Mohinga’ when we get back home.

We learned about the Burmese culture and history by presenting to us how Burma changed their name to Myanmar, taught us how to wear the famous ‘Longyi’ and having the Burmese tea on the nearby Tea shop.

The most part of the tour was when we crossed the river, visiting different villages, dealing with the locals and seeing what the ‘real’ Myanmar community is made of.

Of course, trying their natural way of face skin care ‘Tanaka’, back-riding the motorcycle and walking on the rice paddies under the rain.

Finally, we went to the street market to try their street foods on our way back home.

It was an amazing experience learning and socially immersing on the non-touristy spots of Myanmar. It was a great time being in the moment realizing how everything feeds our body and soul.

Props to @doburma for the best experience. Highly recommended if you are up to what’s beneath culture and diversity.

Taipei Itinerary

Looking for a 4-day itinerary for Taipei, Taiwan?

Well, Taipei has been and still one of my favourite cities. With its food, culture, people and places, I keep coming back which brings me here for the third time.

Here is a quick 4-day itinerary which gives a guide to navigate this beautiful city. Estimated expenses are also included to help you.


Day 1 9:00am Hotel Wake up call
10:30am Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (Green) Sightseeing Free
12:00nn Lunch
1:00pm Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (Blue) Sightseeing Free
2:30pm Taipei 101 Taipei 101 (Red) Sightseeing Taipei 101 Observatory 500
4:30pm Elephant Mountain Xiangshan (Red) Trekking Free
7:00pm Shilin Night Market Shilin Night Market (Red) Dinner Street foods
Day 2 8:00am Hotel Wake up call
9:30am National Taiwan Museum NTU Hospital (Red) Museum Tour Entrance Fee 30
11:00am Lunch
12:00pm Maokong Taipei Zoo (Brown) Gondola Ride 379 To be booked on Klook
1:30pm Taipei Zoo Taipei Zoo (Brown) Zoo Tour Entrance Fee 60
5:00pm Double Decker Night Bus Taipei Main Station (Blue/Red) Hop on/Hop off Tour Free with Gondola ride on Klook
8:00om Raohe Night Market Songshan (Green) Dinner Street foods
Day 3 6:30am Hotel Wake up call
7:45am Gakuden Bakery (Exit 4) Ximen (Blue/Green) Meet up Package Tour (Klook) 1161 To be booked on Klook
9:00am Yehliu Geopark Park Tour Entrance Fee 80
11:30am Jiufen Lunch/Sightseeing Street foods
2:40pm Shifen Lantern release Lantern 200
Shifen/Golden Waterfalls
5:00pm Gakuden Bakery (Exit 4) Drop off
6:00pm Ximending Ximen (Blue/Green) Dinner/Shopping
Day 4 Free day to go to places you want to visit/revisit.
1540 870
4G Sim (5days Unlimited) 384 To be booked at Klook
Easy Card 100
Easy Card Load 300-500

Vindicating Vietnam.

Vindicating Vietnam.

Vietnam has so much heart on their history keeping their heads up on what their country has become. With its great array of quality food and good shopping finds, Vietnam is one country recommended for backpacking tourists who seeks adventure and thrills on their travel diaries.



Ho Chi Minh City or previously known as Saigon is located on the southern part Vietnam in which most tourist visit. Pham Ngu Lao is the main center of all the visitors of the city. Most hotels, bars, parks, markets, restaurants, shopping stores are located nearby.


The Ben Tanh Market is where most souvenirs, good buys and delicious food can be found. Make sure you suite yourself to your best bargaining skills to maximize your shopping budget. Be also mindful with people who try to take advantage over other people, especially the tourists, who over priced their products plus can held you up if they really want you to buy their stuffs.


The War Remnants Museum is one of the must visit museum in the city. It showcased the stories of Vietnamese during the war of the Americans. The understanding beneath the hearts of every locale from this country will surely be explained here, especially of what had happened during the era of the “Agent Orange”.


The Notre Dame Cathedral is another site to visit. It’s good architecture will surely amaze every tourist visiting.
Another must see is the Central Post Office. It is open for tourist to view what’s in store and to take some pictures with an ongoing sight on how the post office rolls.


TIP: If you are on a tight budget and cool to walk around the city, it can actually be strolled since the spots are just near to each other and near Pham Ngu Lao, which is again the center of the tourist attractions.


Cu Chi Tunnels is about 90-minutes away from Ho Chi Minh City. In here, you can see the maze tunnels and picture how people lived underground during the war era. A documentary film can be viewed showing the Vietnamese struggle during the war. The nearly 200 kilometer tunnels serve as their underground cities to defend themselves from the attack of the Americans. Experience these tunnels to feel like a local on their medieval years.

TIP: Always be vigilant and keep an eye on your valuables especially with people taking advantage of the tourists.


Vietnam has so much things to offer. The city is a tourist friendly, especially for backpackers, however, not recommendable for family trips. Will definitely find time to see what the northern part of this country has to say. I will see you very soon, Hanoi!

Singapore Revisited.

I first sojourned the City of the Merlion in the year 2011 when I joined a marathon. Well, a lot of new things to cover and still, the Lion City still amazed me.


The main plan for this out-of-the-country trip is to try to check out the unvisited parts of the city and taste more goodness that Singapore can offer. Flight was booked supposedly touching down Kuala Lumpur however the airline messed up last minute so the itinerary was changed at once.

Adventure starts as we arrive Changi International Airport late night and my first time to ride the taxi here heading to our home for that night. Another first time for me to try these cheap backpacker’s place but I really wont recommend these places to stay. It is still better to find good hotels to stay for privacy and security reasons.


Day 1 officially started as we quick meet a friend residing in Hougang. The goal that day is to channel the busy center towns. Transportation system in this country is way efficient that places are well connected through it’s trains. Malls in the Orchard Road were the first target. The busy shopping capital of this country still never fails to offer a good shopping experience to all those shopaholics.


Another agendum for the day is to book a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur which is really a plan to visit. There is a terminal in Bugis however, all buses are full and so we were referred to another bus company which is near Nicholl Highway which we just reached by foot.


Marina Bay Sands is one of the best landmarks in Singapore. With its renowned architecture surely a must see, though staying there costs you tons. The floating platform is new to my eye since when I first visited, it is still under construction. Another superb modern design captivating tourists to shot their cameras upon.


A newly developed tourist attraction is the Gardens by the Bay. A combination of indoor and outdoor gardens is truly a must see.


The evening part of the journey turned a bit of a frustration yet a hungered learning. They say getting lost is part of travels which we gain from it. Makansuntra Gluttons Bay offers an array of delicious yet not too pricey food. With quite some instruction problems, we crossed the bridge to the Merlion Park which the food shack is just beside the Esplanade. Unluckily, heavy rains paved way which stranded us. For that, we need to pick up a cab on a night rate, which cost us more, to bring us back to Esplanade and to our surprise we are brought on that spot.


After a quick trip to Malaysia, Universal Studios Singapore was revisited. It still brings us back to the movies as well as our kid hearts. Sadly, the breathtaking Galactica is still under renovation. Sentosa Island has been intensely developed since I last came. Truly, a world class tourism was set by Singapore.


Ending this tiring yet fulfilling day with a sumptuous dinner in Clarke Quay. Another first time for me here. This place can be considered a foreigner gathering hangout place with a good vibe.


Trip to Singapore can never be complete without a picture with the famous Merlion and that is the focus of the last day. Pasalubong shopping is another docket. Chinatown is still the place to be. Affordable items are available here in a tiangge style. I must admit, I’m a sucker for this Garrett Popcorn in which I even get back to Orchard just for this.


Singapore is still one of the tourist friendly countries. With its wide assemblage of attractions, it surely captivates the hearts of the travelers.