What 2018 got me?

Looking back, aside from the pounds added, what do 2018 got me?

Life changing indeed when I started the year back to eating meat again after 3 years of being a herbivore. Giving up being a vegetarian never felt more liberating as I took back a lot of resistance on eating meat.

Of course, what a best way to have it in my favorite ‘eating’ city, Bacolod, as I had a quick trip in January. Ending this month with a great conference on how we should build relationships that transform.

February ticks as I decided to get back on my mat and gave back in to yoga. A quick trip to zone out with my Friday Group caps off this month. Celebrate successes when I got another promotion in my work.

Who wouldn’t want to kick off Summer with a great trip to Bali, Indonesia? Amazing temples, food and sites are way too fabulous not to explore. Truly, Bali is a good idea especially if you have a villa that you can enjoy by yourself.

April was when we organized my Lola’s 80th Luau Party. Successful indeed when it becomes another reunion for the clan.

May was quick when one cousin got married.

June started with a concert attended feeling blessed and even more blessed ending this month being one with the nature with a trip to Palawan. El Nido preserved it’s serene beach and wondrous islands where every tourist captures every scene with stars on their eyes.

Ending July slash opening August with a trip all the way up north. Batanes is truly breathtaking that you can never describe unless you experience it.

‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ was surely a hit as we watched the last show on their run in September. Catch their rerun this March 2019.

The past three months had been very challenging. Grateful to thy Saviour for enduring every lesson to always trust in Him in every step. October is victory, claimed it!

November always starts a rollercoaster of festivities celebrating the birth month being busy til the holiday season. Started a quick trip to Region 1.

Then 3 countries bagged in a month. Hong Kong and Macau after birthday and ended the month in an abundant cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, Japan.

December will always be for holiday parties and Christmas get together. Hosting them is another story, always grateful for it. This will always be a perfect time to reunite with friends and family. I realized that a part of your Christmas bonus/13th month pay should be allocated to this besides the gifts you share.

So what did 2018 got me? Yes, additional pounds (which is always included), 4 countries visited, with 2 local cities flown, struggles turned lessons and definitely a steadfast FAITH that will continue to grow. God uses our experiences because He always wants us in the position He wants us to be in.

Thank you 2018 and always looking forward to what lies ahed.


Revisit 2017.

2017 has been steady with a lot of revisiting.

2017 started with a month of tests of relationships for January. Yet with fasting, praying and worship events, capping it seeing Ms. Universe live, which may not happen in the next two generations.

February had been sweet going thru a DIY retreat in Zambales with my DGroup. It was indeed a humbling experience submerging ourselves thru His word.

March had another worship concert and graduating from GLC modules we are taking for discipleship.

April kicked off with a summer getaway to Punta Fuego. More of a resting and recovering and ending the month revisiting Taiwan for the second time. How I missed eating and pigging out in this nation.

May was another revisit in Singapore and Malaysia. It was a challenge traveling with 3 kids with 10 adults with 9 airport encounters in 96 hours. Generally, a no sleep yet a ticked off in my bucket list getting to 3 different countries in 24 hours. Ending the month with a day hike to Masungi appreciating the wonders of our Creator.

June marked as we celebrate my brother’s graduation. Grateful to be of great help to be part of his journey in reaching this benchmark.

July was another month of weddings and eating out.

August was a month of catching up with friends with birthday celebrations here and there.

September was when I started a new learned hobby of baking and loving it.

October had a long drive to Bolinao with my longest known friends as they went home together for Qatar and Abu Dhabi. In this month as well when I started joining a ministry which I know God can use me in His ways.

Birthday month November is usually a roller coaster. Though with a failed birthday travel to Doha, it again opened hosting our company yearend party for the second year. It will always be a remarkable month celebrating my 30th.

December is undoubtedly eventful. Parties and get together here and there and a revisit to Hong Kong for the third time.

2017 was an incredible year. It may remarked as steady but surely a part of who we are in our journeys.

Hong Kong Invasion.

It all started as an invitation to join a family trip of a friend, which I actually consider myself really a part of their family since they considered me as a sibling from another family, but ended up a trip for the club. The invite was spread out to some close friends and so we’re booked and excited to fly to a destination known for their expansive skyline and deep natural harbour, Hong Kong, here we come!

Much time has been waited and the trip was finally just a palm away. After so many busy days at work and the stresses of our daily lives, it is a merit to ourselves to go for a vacation.


Everyone was excited and ready to go. Hong Kong is well known for tourists because of their rich Chinese modern culture, perfect weather, favorable shopping spots and a lot of attractions that will surely take your breath away.


First day was intended for Ocean Park. Traveling by train then a bus will bring you to one of the biggest aquariums loaded with numerous underwater creatures that you haven’t seen before. Moreover, screaming rides that truly crash your vocal cords. One whole day is not enough to cover all the rides, which we actually overlooked in view of the fact that there are more attractions on the latter part of the place.

One experience that I wont forget is when three Chinese nationals overtook us over the long line in one of the rides. There so called ‘ninja moves’ really got into our nerves when they actually act as if nothing is happening. Since Filipinos know how to act accordingly, we just let their unfavorable behavior pass however; they just received a lot of unscrupulous words from us in our own vernacular. Tee hee! From then on, we always guard our lines and be observant with this unruly Chinese.


Who would have forgot their childhood days uncovering the Disney characters? Yes, day two is entirely for Disneyland. It was really a haven for kids and kids at heart giving you a chance to bring back all those childhood memories, which I believe everyone else has their Disney pick. Mickey and Minnie is on top of the list however; the Disney Princess will never be at the bottom of the line. The parade of characters was indeed fabulous then to the rides, which will make you scream at the top of your lungs and to finally cap the day with a superb fireworks display that truly captures the heart of every individual in the crowd. Truly, it was a ‘bring-back-the-childhood-memories-fun-filled’ experience.


Day three is a side trip to another side of China, i.e., Macau. This land is just a ferry away filled with so many hotels and casino places, which offers a free shuttle from the port. Yes, it’s free! The Venetian is amazing showcasing an indoor outlook of Venice, Italy. With all the gondola on the middle of a shopping mall with an astonishing painting of clouds on the ceiling thinking it’s for real. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s no longer advisable to put this on your itinerary since the place is entirely not favorable for their eyes.


Hong Kong will never be complete without visiting an array of shopping spots that truly drools you. Night markets all over plus malls that closes late can be considered before retiring your day since we are not in Hong Kong everyday. Yes, we retire late at night just to satisfy our retail minds for the therapy.


Day four was used to cap everything. From the last minute ‘pasalubong’ shopping to our personal bargaining skills. Unfortunately, the Avenue of Stars was not scheduled on the night; we did not see the dancing lights of the building at night, which is highly recommended.


Hong Kong was indeed fantastic. The trip was entirely pleasurable and indeed worth to be remembered. It wouldn’t be remarkable without the people I am with. The Friday Club really shows it’s worth of true friendship not just for the gratification of liquor but tested lifelong companionship.