Revisit 2017.

2017 has been steady with a lot of revisiting.

2017 started with a month of tests of relationships for January. Yet with fasting, praying and worship events, capping it seeing Ms. Universe live, which may not happen in the next two generations.

February had been sweet going thru a DIY retreat in Zambales with my DGroup. It was indeed a humbling experience submerging ourselves thru His word.

March had another worship concert and graduating from GLC modules we are taking for discipleship.

April kicked off with a summer getaway to Punta Fuego. More of a resting and recovering and ending the month revisiting Taiwan for the second time. How I missed eating and pigging out in this nation.

May was another revisit in Singapore and Malaysia. It was a challenge traveling with 3 kids with 10 adults with 9 airport encounters in 96 hours. Generally, a no sleep yet a ticked off in my bucket list getting to 3 different countries in 24 hours. Ending the month with a day hike to Masungi appreciating the wonders of our Creator.

June marked as we celebrate my brother’s graduation. Grateful to be of great help to be part of his journey in reaching this benchmark.

July was another month of weddings and eating out.

August was a month of catching up with friends with birthday celebrations here and there.

September was when I started a new learned hobby of baking and loving it.

October had a long drive to Bolinao with my longest known friends as they went home together for Qatar and Abu Dhabi. In this month as well when I started joining a ministry which I know God can use me in His ways.

Birthday month November is usually a roller coaster. Though with a failed birthday travel to Doha, it again opened hosting our company yearend party for the second year. It will always be a remarkable month celebrating my 30th.

December is undoubtedly eventful. Parties and get together here and there and a revisit to Hong Kong for the third time.

2017 was an incredible year. It may remarked as steady but surely a part of who we are in our journeys.


3 countries in 24 hours.

So how do you go about having a time constraint planned itinerary? Embrace it.

We left Manila, Philippines at around 3:30pm due to a delayed flight and touched down Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at around 8:00pm. Travelled by taxi to our pre-booked accommodation in Mercu Serviced Apartments which is like 8 minute walk to Petronas Twin Towers. We had dinner at a fastfood-like place called Pepita’s and went straight to the mesmerizing twin towers. Home at close to 12:00am for a quick freshen up and nap, shall I say, for us to leave at 2:00am for a 6:00am flight to our next destination.

Almost an hour ride from the city to the airport, we flew to Singapore to experience Universal Studios for the third time. It still feels the same first time of being an excited kid riding the movies you’ve grown up with. Staying here quickly for just 27 hours but still managed to meet my friends and former workmates reminiscing the good old days.

Adventure continues as we cross back to Malaysia, this time in Johor Bahru where Legoland is located. Due to horrible lines in the immigration, our time were constrained. Checked in to their themed hotel with its amazingly amenities almost all made with lego. Worth every penny especially if you are tagging along children with you. Short with time though to explore the theme park, good thing long rides line was avoided since less people were in. 

Swiftly after the buffet breakfast, we rented cabs to bring us to Senai Airport for an 11:00am flight back to Kuala Lumpur for another flight back to Manila. I met Nando’s again after so long back when I was in Ireland few years back. This was also the time to catch up on our pasalubong shopping. Good thing their airports have malls to shop conveniently. 

Whew! That was a fast 96 hours journeying 3 countries with 8 airport encounters and 3 different hotels from different parts of Asia. Having 10 adults traveling, tagging along 3 kids was indeed a challenge but worth embracing every step of the way.

Sum up 2014.

“Life has so many detours because God cares more on the development of the dreamer than the fulfillment of the dream.”



It was January when I revisited Singapore and cross over Malaysia. A lot of rediscovering while reminiscing my last visit when I first had my first marathon in 2011.


A day tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia kept me insane channeling the impressive Petronas and the cultured Batu Caves. Another check again on my bucketlist.



On the latter part of this month also traveled me back to the Amazing Bicol. Enriched with culture and great food, Mayon Volcano, as it’s top spot, mesmerized me with it’s alluring shape and site.


A lot of new beginnings that year starting it with a bountiful 207-pound heavy. This brings me to submitting myself into a discipline of watching the food I eat, eradicating the rice on my diet.

February when I started a new journey shifting my career back to the corporate world. Meeting new friends and colleagues makes me feel relieved once again that I have a purpose and God leads me into something according to his own plan.


March marks the birth of my new phone giving in to the apple bandwagon catalyzing my hard work and rewards.


April opened the summer season of my revisit to Boracay, which starts to be an annual affair for the past 4 years. Checking my bucket list parasailing by the sea for the first time was such an amazing experience. Having a great time spending it with awesome friends surely made the adventure worthwhile.



May continued the summer season with more beach travels and wake boards plus a wedding of friends to remember.


Summer never ends in June flying to Cebu and Bohol with the epic friends. A birth of new friendship and travel bond. The encounter with the big creatures of the sea highlighted the said revisit.



June marks a new discovery for me finding that spot in my heart enriching my strong faith with our creator. In this month, I joined CCF which made my relationship with our God intimately. I couldn’t ask for anything more having him in my life.


July tested my faith once again taking another licensure exam. Fortunate enough, with God’s faithfulness, three letters were entailed again in my name. God is truly amazing!


August is when I finally reached my target weight. From 207lbs. to 173lbs. with a normal BMI of 24.3 and an average body fat of 20.1%. It is worth every sweat and discipline.


September brings back the boracay crew going up north to Baguio. Emotional enough yet an amazing experience to spend this vacation with awesome friends for keeps.


This month finally removed my braces which I kept for almost 4 years. Indeed, a milestone to be regarded.


October proves that summer is forever with a quick trip to Laiya, Batangas to beach up.


Ending this month with a big decision of resigning from my previous job believing in God’s amazing plan.

November started with a big switch to a new company for new beginnings. I truly trust God on his plan for me on my journey.


Who will ever forget about my birthday month? November has been good to me realizing every blessing and appreciating what life has to offer. Truly, I am grateful at 27 beyond bliss.


December has been a busy month. Opening it with a roller coaster travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. Vietnam never failed me to their food cravings. It was such a great experience to visit  one of the world’s greatest wonders, the Angkor Wat.



Attending one of my closest friend’s wedding this month is one of reasons why I continue believe in love. A testimony that love is a choice and a part of every happiness.


Jam packed 2014 deserves a cheers of great blessings and lessons learned. Focusing now on new beginnings this 2015 with grateful hearts to what God plans for us.


Thank you 2014. Cheers to 2015!



Singapore Revisited.

I first sojourned the City of the Merlion in the year 2011 when I joined a marathon. Well, a lot of new things to cover and still, the Lion City still amazed me.


The main plan for this out-of-the-country trip is to try to check out the unvisited parts of the city and taste more goodness that Singapore can offer. Flight was booked supposedly touching down Kuala Lumpur however the airline messed up last minute so the itinerary was changed at once.

Adventure starts as we arrive Changi International Airport late night and my first time to ride the taxi here heading to our home for that night. Another first time for me to try these cheap backpacker’s place but I really wont recommend these places to stay. It is still better to find good hotels to stay for privacy and security reasons.


Day 1 officially started as we quick meet a friend residing in Hougang. The goal that day is to channel the busy center towns. Transportation system in this country is way efficient that places are well connected through it’s trains. Malls in the Orchard Road were the first target. The busy shopping capital of this country still never fails to offer a good shopping experience to all those shopaholics.


Another agendum for the day is to book a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur which is really a plan to visit. There is a terminal in Bugis however, all buses are full and so we were referred to another bus company which is near Nicholl Highway which we just reached by foot.


Marina Bay Sands is one of the best landmarks in Singapore. With its renowned architecture surely a must see, though staying there costs you tons. The floating platform is new to my eye since when I first visited, it is still under construction. Another superb modern design captivating tourists to shot their cameras upon.


A newly developed tourist attraction is the Gardens by the Bay. A combination of indoor and outdoor gardens is truly a must see.


The evening part of the journey turned a bit of a frustration yet a hungered learning. They say getting lost is part of travels which we gain from it. Makansuntra Gluttons Bay offers an array of delicious yet not too pricey food. With quite some instruction problems, we crossed the bridge to the Merlion Park which the food shack is just beside the Esplanade. Unluckily, heavy rains paved way which stranded us. For that, we need to pick up a cab on a night rate, which cost us more, to bring us back to Esplanade and to our surprise we are brought on that spot.


After a quick trip to Malaysia, Universal Studios Singapore was revisited. It still brings us back to the movies as well as our kid hearts. Sadly, the breathtaking Galactica is still under renovation. Sentosa Island has been intensely developed since I last came. Truly, a world class tourism was set by Singapore.


Ending this tiring yet fulfilling day with a sumptuous dinner in Clarke Quay. Another first time for me here. This place can be considered a foreigner gathering hangout place with a good vibe.


Trip to Singapore can never be complete without a picture with the famous Merlion and that is the focus of the last day. Pasalubong shopping is another docket. Chinatown is still the place to be. Affordable items are available here in a tiangge style. I must admit, I’m a sucker for this Garrett Popcorn in which I even get back to Orchard just for this.


Singapore is still one of the tourist friendly countries. With its wide assemblage of attractions, it surely captivates the hearts of the travelers.



Running a Marathon.

Running has become a trending sport nowadays. Everyone really get hooked and trying to get in the world of running.

I remember the first time I ran a 5k race. A beginner tried to pace himself just to reach the finish line alive. Luckily, I survived yet a little bit hungry for more kilometers. Then my running story just started.

I think every runner has its goals. And one of this is running a full marathon. A marathon is a long-distance running
event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles and 385 yards) that is usually run as a road race.

Joining a marathon is no joke. It really entails vigorous training, not just physically but even mentally. There are events in preparation for running a marathon. It would be better to gain mileage to prepare your body for the stress of running the long distance. It is also suggested to join first events such as half marathon (21K) or a passport to a marathon event (32K) to gauge the miles you are about to conquer.

I celebrated my 6-month in the running community by signing up to the Condura Skyway Marathon: Run for the Dolphins 2011 last February 6, 2011 to run a half marathon. The registration fee is quite costly but the run went well and I survived it injured free.

As I celebrate my anniversary in the world of running, I registered for a full marathon. But this time, trying it overseas. I signed up for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 last December 4, 2011.

In lieu of this, I need to train and gain mileage. I registered for Unilab Run United 2011 running 32 kilometers, a passport to a full marathon. It was a struggle for me. I became injured after the event having cramps after crossing the 20th kilometer plus blisters all over my toes. But it didn’t frustrate me from giving up. I started to get back to training after few days of recovering.

The Standard Chartered Marathon was a momentous event in Singapore. Different races get together and even locals tend to join and prepare for this event. I am happy to be part of the 20,000 marathoners who joined this event.

Luckily, I survived a marathon. I can call myself a marathoner in my own right proudly.

And so, another year has just started. Another full marathon is waiting on February 5, 2012, The Condura Skyway Marathon: Run for the Mangroves 2012. After almost a year when I ran my first half mary. This time it’s full mary. It’s another mind-setting game that will truly keep me sane.