Vindicating Vietnam.

Vindicating Vietnam.

Vietnam has so much heart on their history keeping their heads up on what their country has become. With its great array of quality food and good shopping finds, Vietnam is one country recommended for backpacking tourists who seeks adventure and thrills on their travel diaries.



Ho Chi Minh City or previously known as Saigon is located on the southern part Vietnam in which most tourist visit. Pham Ngu Lao is the main center of all the visitors of the city. Most hotels, bars, parks, markets, restaurants, shopping stores are located nearby.


The Ben Tanh Market is where most souvenirs, good buys and delicious food can be found. Make sure you suite yourself to your best bargaining skills to maximize your shopping budget. Be also mindful with people who try to take advantage over other people, especially the tourists, who over priced their products plus can held you up if they really want you to buy their stuffs.


The War Remnants Museum is one of the must visit museum in the city. It showcased the stories of Vietnamese during the war of the Americans. The understanding beneath the hearts of every locale from this country will surely be explained here, especially of what had happened during the era of the “Agent Orange”.


The Notre Dame Cathedral is another site to visit. It’s good architecture will surely amaze every tourist visiting.
Another must see is the Central Post Office. It is open for tourist to view what’s in store and to take some pictures with an ongoing sight on how the post office rolls.


TIP: If you are on a tight budget and cool to walk around the city, it can actually be strolled since the spots are just near to each other and near Pham Ngu Lao, which is again the center of the tourist attractions.


Cu Chi Tunnels is about 90-minutes away from Ho Chi Minh City. In here, you can see the maze tunnels and picture how people lived underground during the war era. A documentary film can be viewed showing the Vietnamese struggle during the war. The nearly 200 kilometer tunnels serve as their underground cities to defend themselves from the attack of the Americans. Experience these tunnels to feel like a local on their medieval years.

TIP: Always be vigilant and keep an eye on your valuables especially with people taking advantage of the tourists.


Vietnam has so much things to offer. The city is a tourist friendly, especially for backpackers, however, not recommendable for family trips. Will definitely find time to see what the northern part of this country has to say. I will see you very soon, Hanoi!


Sum up 2014.

“Life has so many detours because God cares more on the development of the dreamer than the fulfillment of the dream.”



It was January when I revisited Singapore and cross over Malaysia. A lot of rediscovering while reminiscing my last visit when I first had my first marathon in 2011.


A day tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia kept me insane channeling the impressive Petronas and the cultured Batu Caves. Another check again on my bucketlist.



On the latter part of this month also traveled me back to the Amazing Bicol. Enriched with culture and great food, Mayon Volcano, as it’s top spot, mesmerized me with it’s alluring shape and site.


A lot of new beginnings that year starting it with a bountiful 207-pound heavy. This brings me to submitting myself into a discipline of watching the food I eat, eradicating the rice on my diet.

February when I started a new journey shifting my career back to the corporate world. Meeting new friends and colleagues makes me feel relieved once again that I have a purpose and God leads me into something according to his own plan.


March marks the birth of my new phone giving in to the apple bandwagon catalyzing my hard work and rewards.


April opened the summer season of my revisit to Boracay, which starts to be an annual affair for the past 4 years. Checking my bucket list parasailing by the sea for the first time was such an amazing experience. Having a great time spending it with awesome friends surely made the adventure worthwhile.



May continued the summer season with more beach travels and wake boards plus a wedding of friends to remember.


Summer never ends in June flying to Cebu and Bohol with the epic friends. A birth of new friendship and travel bond. The encounter with the big creatures of the sea highlighted the said revisit.



June marks a new discovery for me finding that spot in my heart enriching my strong faith with our creator. In this month, I joined CCF which made my relationship with our God intimately. I couldn’t ask for anything more having him in my life.


July tested my faith once again taking another licensure exam. Fortunate enough, with God’s faithfulness, three letters were entailed again in my name. God is truly amazing!


August is when I finally reached my target weight. From 207lbs. to 173lbs. with a normal BMI of 24.3 and an average body fat of 20.1%. It is worth every sweat and discipline.


September brings back the boracay crew going up north to Baguio. Emotional enough yet an amazing experience to spend this vacation with awesome friends for keeps.


This month finally removed my braces which I kept for almost 4 years. Indeed, a milestone to be regarded.


October proves that summer is forever with a quick trip to Laiya, Batangas to beach up.


Ending this month with a big decision of resigning from my previous job believing in God’s amazing plan.

November started with a big switch to a new company for new beginnings. I truly trust God on his plan for me on my journey.


Who will ever forget about my birthday month? November has been good to me realizing every blessing and appreciating what life has to offer. Truly, I am grateful at 27 beyond bliss.


December has been a busy month. Opening it with a roller coaster travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. Vietnam never failed me to their food cravings. It was such a great experience to visit  one of the world’s greatest wonders, the Angkor Wat.



Attending one of my closest friend’s wedding this month is one of reasons why I continue believe in love. A testimony that love is a choice and a part of every happiness.


Jam packed 2014 deserves a cheers of great blessings and lessons learned. Focusing now on new beginnings this 2015 with grateful hearts to what God plans for us.


Thank you 2014. Cheers to 2015!