What 2018 got me?

Looking back, aside from the pounds added, what do 2018 got me? Life changing indeed when I started the year back to eating meat again after 3 years of being a herbivore. Giving up being a vegetarian never felt more liberating as I took back a lot of resistance on eating meat. Of course, what … Continue reading What 2018 got me?

Global Mala Project 2015.

Exactly a week ago when the biggest gathering of yogis and yoginis occured in celebration of love and gratitude. Happened in Whitespace Manila, simultaneous classes and talks truly unifies everyone for peace.       Almost jampacked in every class that I attended. Started with Ashtanga then some veganism talk. Then Nia Jam perked my afternoon … Continue reading Global Mala Project 2015.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Secrets of Inner Strength and Happiness. 

  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a well known humanitarian spiritual leader and the founder of The Art of Living Foundation, which aims to relieve individual stress, societal problems, and violence. The talk was held in the Philippine International Convention Center. It focused on three important things. First, we must always maintain equinimity. Secondly, we have to have … Continue reading Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Secrets of Inner Strength and Happiness. 

Sum up 2014.

"Life has so many detours because God cares more on the development of the dreamer than the fulfillment of the dream."   It was January when I revisited Singapore and cross over Malaysia. A lot of rediscovering while reminiscing my last visit when I first had my first marathon in 2011. A day tour in … Continue reading Sum up 2014.


"There are no COINCIDENCES, the soul seeks its own path."My yoga teacher started talking about Coincidence which I started to draw my curiosity. According to her, based on the wisdom of yoga, there is no such thing as coincidence. Then I started to ponder and began my research.According to Carol Miers talking about Kundalini yoga, … Continue reading Coincidence.

Inspiration and Commitment.

Inspiration and Commitment. Two big words to live by. A 220-pounder guy 5 years ago took its way to fitness and healthy lifestyle. His journey finds its way to a better tomorrow by continually exploring activities gaining a better experience to life at the same time feeling good about himself. It was August 2009 when … Continue reading Inspiration and Commitment.

Back on the mat.

Yes, it will always be nice to be back on the mat. It was such a long time since I attended my last practice in yoga. Tried practicing at home but always ending up not successful. I enrolled myself to Bliss Yoga Manila for unlimited yoga classes for 7 days. I have an ample time … Continue reading Back on the mat.