EX-cess Baggage

Whenever we travel, it is always a struggle to hold our lives inside a suitcase for the number of days we are staying with a specified amount of weight allowed. Travelers will understand how difficult it is to get all your things inside your luggage without missing out your daily routine essentials satisfying what is only allowed within a specified flight, generally speaking, “packing light”.


It was my first time traveling to United States and baggage has been the center of my trip. After convincing myself that I got a good deal with my tickets and all the flight changes, my luggage was not with me when I arrived in Houston. Big question on my mind was how to survive my 17-day vacation with just a pair of jeans, shoes, couple of shirts and a jacket in a 13-degree autumn weather Texas? Moving along after contacting my insurance and processing my irregularity reports, luggage arrived after 62 long hours. Thank God! Well, proper claiming of compensation is another story.


Moving ahead, as we enjoyed every bit of San Antonio and drooling our eyes to the all of the ‘sulit’ buys we had, naming Costco and Walmart to name a few; adding up the outlet stores we get back again and again, our baggage allowance exceeded to what we did not planned. Returning the stuff that we overbuy is one of the options yet it is still not enough for us to manage, so we ended up deciding to get additional baggage. After the run around with the airline site to book the baggage in advance, ended up surrendering and just pay on the check in counter which is a huge amount to pay.


Fast forward to the moment of truth, we are to check in 5 bags vs. the 4 baggage allowances we had. Going a little over the weight, we were asked to remove things to accept our check-in baggage; not knowing we are being observed by the other personnel at the counter. Suddenly someone asked on the vernacular what is happening and giving us the lead that she will be taking care of us. Praise God with all his might for this is a miracle! She was the one who processed our check in, being considerate about the little excess, yet of course we pay the additional bag. Thanks to this Filipina who is very considerate to her ‘kabayans’!


Sometimes, God brings people as instruments to save us from the uncontrolled circumstances that we are in. Not to mention turning unwanted circumstances into a something that will benefit us; in this case, the airline and insurance paying us back regarding the baggage delay; which is still a blessing! Now, how do you think about baggage as the center of my first ever US Trip?

Ending a decade: 2019.

I usually round up the year I had but did a quick one on my IG stories. (follow me: @jorellrendon 😉) What could be more testifying is writing what have I learned instead. Here’s a brief yet a matured one.

After getting my professional license, I ended up working, practicing my profession and looks everything is falling into place, gaining experience to prepare myself into something I had dreamed of. In 2013, I finally bid to everything I got in Manila thinking that it is the perfect time to start anew pursuing as per my own plans. I flew to Dublin thinking to seek a life that will really make everything in order, “What we all want is to travel, fall in love and be happy” sort of fairy tale; however, life hits you really hard. After a few months yet not getting any job at that time, and my tourist visa was about to expire, about to do an adult decision whether I will stay and proceed the “LIFE I CHOSE”, i.e., staying in Europe illegaly; or “SURRENDER” and go home.

Everyone would know that I love and how much I travel. This I think is one thing I would regret if I chose the life that I think would fit me. My trotter life will end if I get stucked into that country and have illegal records gaining me red flags on immigration. Here I am now ending 2019 embraced and reached the Americas. I had a vacation in Texas before this year ends because I surrendered and trust God’s amazing plan for me. When I get back to Manila in 2014, I was on my knees shedding tons of tears asking what lies ahead, realizing I have left everything, did not have a single cent and not knowing where to start again. But my faith gets me through everything, landing me in a job that would develop me into what our Creator wants me to be, pruning me to become better each day and putting me in a position where I did not know I am capable of.

Life is not a story plot that the lead plans what the director have in mind. Sometimes, our plans that we feel like would be better for us forgets the borrowed life that God has created for us. Remember that the biggest victory can really be found by surrendering. Always trust God’s plan; His timing is always perfect. Grateful for these highs and lows and humbly hopeful in the next decades He will allow me to live.

Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Hello, Love, Goodbye is a story about choosing between love or pursuing your dreams.

Kathryn Bernardo outstandingly exemplifies the character of selfless ‘Joy’ whom the only reason is her family as to why she keeps on pressing on her dreams.

Then came ‘Ethan’ portrayed by Alden Richards (surprisingly delineates the character well), a happy go lucky type, then again a sudden 360 shift of perspective thinking of saving Joy between layovers to her real destination.

Great story plot of rollercoaster of emotions giving you laughs to drowning you in tears. No wonder they received a unanimous Grade ‘A’ from the Cinema Regulatory Board.

Props to the friends of the mains who depicted the twists and turns completing every detail of the movie.

Of course, praises to the director, Cathy Garcia-Molina who never fails to deliver an outrageous delight, giving whatever it takes to produce the best quality of film.

Watch it! Napakahuhusay! 👏🏼


Do Burma: A diverse Myanmar experience.

We are customed with usual tourist-y spots when we visit a foreign land. Here in @doburma, far more different than the usual. Sharing one of the highlights of my Yangon trip.

It was an amazing experience learning Myanmar’s language, culture, history, food and a lot more.

We started learning their language on a classroom like set up. Then we applied them by going to the market and buy the ingredients for our lunch in which we joined forces in cooking the famous Burmese cuisine ‘Mohinga’ when we get back home.

We learned about the Burmese culture and history by presenting to us how Burma changed their name to Myanmar, taught us how to wear the famous ‘Longyi’ and having the Burmese tea on the nearby Tea shop.

The most part of the tour was when we crossed the river, visiting different villages, dealing with the locals and seeing what the ‘real’ Myanmar community is made of.

Of course, trying their natural way of face skin care ‘Tanaka’, back-riding the motorcycle and walking on the rice paddies under the rain.

Finally, we went to the street market to try their street foods on our way back home.

It was an amazing experience learning and socially immersing on the non-touristy spots of Myanmar. It was a great time being in the moment realizing how everything feeds our body and soul.

Props to @doburma for the best experience. Highly recommended if you are up to what’s beneath culture and diversity.

Taipei Itinerary

Looking for a 4-day itinerary for Taipei, Taiwan?

Well, Taipei has been and still one of my favourite cities. With its food, culture, people and places, I keep coming back which brings me here for the third time.

Here is a quick 4-day itinerary which gives a guide to navigate this beautiful city. Estimated expenses are also included to help you.


Day 1 9:00am Hotel Wake up call
10:30am Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (Green) Sightseeing Free
12:00nn Lunch
1:00pm Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (Blue) Sightseeing Free
2:30pm Taipei 101 Taipei 101 (Red) Sightseeing Taipei 101 Observatory 500
4:30pm Elephant Mountain Xiangshan (Red) Trekking Free
7:00pm Shilin Night Market Shilin Night Market (Red) Dinner Street foods
Day 2 8:00am Hotel Wake up call
9:30am National Taiwan Museum NTU Hospital (Red) Museum Tour Entrance Fee 30
11:00am Lunch
12:00pm Maokong Taipei Zoo (Brown) Gondola Ride 379 To be booked on Klook
1:30pm Taipei Zoo Taipei Zoo (Brown) Zoo Tour Entrance Fee 60
5:00pm Double Decker Night Bus Taipei Main Station (Blue/Red) Hop on/Hop off Tour Free with Gondola ride on Klook
8:00om Raohe Night Market Songshan (Green) Dinner Street foods
Day 3 6:30am Hotel Wake up call
7:45am Gakuden Bakery (Exit 4) Ximen (Blue/Green) Meet up Package Tour (Klook) 1161 To be booked on Klook
9:00am Yehliu Geopark Park Tour Entrance Fee 80
11:30am Jiufen Lunch/Sightseeing Street foods
2:40pm Shifen Lantern release Lantern 200
Shifen/Golden Waterfalls
5:00pm Gakuden Bakery (Exit 4) Drop off
6:00pm Ximending Ximen (Blue/Green) Dinner/Shopping
Day 4 Free day to go to places you want to visit/revisit.
1540 870
4G Sim (5days Unlimited) 384 To be booked at Klook
Easy Card 100
Easy Card Load 300-500

What 2018 got me?

Looking back, aside from the pounds added, what do 2018 got me?

Life changing indeed when I started the year back to eating meat again after 3 years of being a herbivore. Giving up being a vegetarian never felt more liberating as I took back a lot of resistance on eating meat.

Of course, what a best way to have it in my favorite ‘eating’ city, Bacolod, as I had a quick trip in January. Ending this month with a great conference on how we should build relationships that transform.

February ticks as I decided to get back on my mat and gave back in to yoga. A quick trip to zone out with my Friday Group caps off this month. Celebrate successes when I got another promotion in my work.

Who wouldn’t want to kick off Summer with a great trip to Bali, Indonesia? Amazing temples, food and sites are way too fabulous not to explore. Truly, Bali is a good idea especially if you have a villa that you can enjoy by yourself.

April was when we organized my Lola’s 80th Luau Party. Successful indeed when it becomes another reunion for the clan.

May was quick when one cousin got married.

June started with a concert attended feeling blessed and even more blessed ending this month being one with the nature with a trip to Palawan. El Nido preserved it’s serene beach and wondrous islands where every tourist captures every scene with stars on their eyes.

Ending July slash opening August with a trip all the way up north. Batanes is truly breathtaking that you can never describe unless you experience it.

‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ was surely a hit as we watched the last show on their run in September. Catch their rerun this March 2019.

The past three months had been very challenging. Grateful to thy Saviour for enduring every lesson to always trust in Him in every step. October is victory, claimed it!

November always starts a rollercoaster of festivities celebrating the birth month being busy til the holiday season. Started a quick trip to Region 1.

Then 3 countries bagged in a month. Hong Kong and Macau after birthday and ended the month in an abundant cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, Japan.

December will always be for holiday parties and Christmas get together. Hosting them is another story, always grateful for it. This will always be a perfect time to reunite with friends and family. I realized that a part of your Christmas bonus/13th month pay should be allocated to this besides the gifts you share.

So what did 2018 got me? Yes, additional pounds (which is always included), 4 countries visited, with 2 local cities flown, struggles turned lessons and definitely a steadfast FAITH that will continue to grow. God uses our experiences because He always wants us in the position He wants us to be in.

Thank you 2018 and always looking forward to what lies ahed.

Ang Huling El Bimbo.

Caught the closing show of ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ and I must say it was GRAND. I need to use our own language para mas intense!

Eto yung sining na hindi mo maiwasang pumalakpak sa bawat tawid ng eksena at pagabot sa taas ng nota.

Salamat at ibinalik ninyo ako sa aking unang paborito. Sa pagsabay sa pagtugtog ng stereo ng kapitbahay at tuluyan ng nahulog sa kanta ng Eraserheads. Hindi man ako yung masasabi mong laging nasa unahan ng konsyerto nila, o memorize ang bawat kanta nila, pero sigurado akong ‘FAN’ nila ako.

Hanga ako sa mga aktor at aktres na mga gumanap. Ginamit nyo ang sarili nyong galing upang ilathala ang medyo naguluhan akong kwento, pero swak pa rin sa panlasang pinoy.

Iba rin ang areglo ng mga kanta. Sadyang hindi mo maiiwasang sumabay sa bigkas ng musika. At nakakagulat na ang may kagagawan ng mga kantang ito, ay dalawang dipa lang nakaupo mula sa kinauupuan mo. Oo, kasabay naming pumapalakpak ang siyang may akda ng mga ito, ang siyang alamat, ELY BUENDIA.

Pinakagusto ko ang ROTC scene sa saliw ng ‘Pare Ko’. Sumunod ang ‘Overdrive’ na di ka makapaniwalang may tunay na kotse sa entablado. Sino ba naman ang hindi tutulo ang luha habang kinakanta ang ‘With A Smile’ habang nagmamarcha ng pagtatapos. At higit sa lahat ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ na tiyak pupukaw na magdadala sa yo sa eksena.

Salamat at ibinalik nyo ang aking kabataan at pinatunayan ninyo nanaman ang galing ng Sining Pilipino.

Nakakaindak, Nakakabaliw, Nakakatindig Balahibo.

Mabuhay kayo!