When someone unfriended you on Facebook.

It will always be a puzzle when you find out that someone unfriended or unfollowed you on social media. You keep on thinking deeper, especially when you find yourself not guilty of hurting nor committing anything which unfortunately leads to turning that blame unto yourself. But is this a usual way of reacting to such?

It is normal.

You tend to always think of reasons why this extent happened because you try to bargain and recall. This is a normal reaction when you find out that someone wants to take you out of someone’s life. Guilt embodies us that we tend to pattern our values to someone else’s which will never happen. Will it be worth it to find out and point on the blame to anyone?

It is not your fault.

We have different kinds of coping mechanism when we feel we are victimised by this world. Some people turn away from the people they feel blaming for the things they cannot grasp. This may not work for you or against your values, but this is something we need to accept, that our values cannot always be patterned to how the outlook of other people deciphers. Acceptance is all we need.

Let go.

May it be envy, anger, dismay or you just cannot accept what the world has to offer, embrace the fact that there are differences that each of us have. It is only by faith can ever be healed.

“God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well.” — 2 Thessalonians 1:6-7

Praying for you always.


Revisit 2017.

2017 has been steady with a lot of revisiting.

2017 started with a month of tests of relationships for January. Yet with fasting, praying and worship events, capping it seeing Ms. Universe live, which may not happen in the next two generations.

February had been sweet going thru a DIY retreat in Zambales with my DGroup. It was indeed a humbling experience submerging ourselves thru His word.

March had another worship concert and graduating from GLC modules we are taking for discipleship.

April kicked off with a summer getaway to Punta Fuego. More of a resting and recovering and ending the month revisiting Taiwan for the second time. How I missed eating and pigging out in this nation.

May was another revisit in Singapore and Malaysia. It was a challenge traveling with 3 kids with 10 adults with 9 airport encounters in 96 hours. Generally, a no sleep yet a ticked off in my bucket list getting to 3 different countries in 24 hours. Ending the month with a day hike to Masungi appreciating the wonders of our Creator.

June marked as we celebrate my brother’s graduation. Grateful to be of great help to be part of his journey in reaching this benchmark.

July was another month of weddings and eating out.

August was a month of catching up with friends with birthday celebrations here and there.

September was when I started a new learned hobby of baking and loving it.

October had a long drive to Bolinao with my longest known friends as they went home together for Qatar and Abu Dhabi. In this month as well when I started joining a ministry which I know God can use me in His ways.

Birthday month November is usually a roller coaster. Though with a failed birthday travel to Doha, it again opened hosting our company yearend party for the second year. It will always be a remarkable month celebrating my 30th.

December is undoubtedly eventful. Parties and get together here and there and a revisit to Hong Kong for the third time.

2017 was an incredible year. It may remarked as steady but surely a part of who we are in our journeys.

God is sovereign.

Today, I have experienced yet again how God has been sovereign in all ways.

I am supposed to be flying to Doha tonight for vacation. Almost the last person on the line in the check in counter, almost did not made it but Praise God we did. Consequently, upon checking in, our e-visa was questioned for it was not stamped on our passports. I forwarded the email that I connected with the visa support team that the visa need not to be stamped on the passport but might be questioned in the immigration. Releasing Qatar Airways of responsibility, we were allowed to catch our flight, leaving a friend that is having issues with his visa. All along I was fervently praying to God to be in control of the situation, moment by moment.

Being next on the line with the immigration officer, getting ready with my spiel and my documents, my friend phoned me that he was not allowed. Then and there, I decided to back out taking it as an answered prayer about everything that happened.

First was the almost closed check in counter due to traffic. Next was our visa not stamped and lastly the breaking point of flying incomplete choosing friendship above any pleasure of traveling could give.

I know God has plans, we may not see it but I know He has for He is sovereign in all things. ❤️👆🏼

Seven Sundays.

Sundays started to be my movie nights but this ‘Seven Sundays’ made it something worth every teardrop.

The power house cast enable each character bred in their own personal craft. Ronaldo Valdez as a father diagnosed with cancer leading all his 4 siblings, Aga Muhlach (Allan), Dingding Dantes (Bryan), Christine Reyes (Cha) and Enrique Gil (Dexter), brought together as a family fixing their own individual differences.

But what makes this movie strucked me and hit every audience to the bones was how these differences were stitched and ironed in one scene making each of the roles displays their importance which viewers can relate into. 

Napakahusay ng writer para mapagdugtong dugtong mo ang pinagdaanan ng bawat individual at ipakita ang realidad na hindi lang ito basta mababaw na pelikula ngunit ang bawat karakter ay may sariling pinagdaanan para iparamdam na ito ay parte ng buhay. Kaya maihahambing mo ang sarili sa kung nasaan ka man sa buhay mo ngayon making you shed your tears as each scene becomes heavier yet happier.

This movie was indeed a ‘can relate into’ for every Filipino families. May it be on a shallow level of just living one day at a time or reaping what you have sown. It gives us hope how life challenges us and we stand firm with our faith that everything will fall into its place giving your utmost unconditional love.

Superb movie. Worth every penny! 💛

Last Night.

Bago ko matulog, kailangan ko lang ilabas to. 

Una, napakagaling ng dalawang artistang to. Piolo Pascual at Toni Gonzaga. Hindi kailangan ng matitinding supporting roles para maipakita and karakter na gusto nilang ipakita. Mata pa lang nila, ramdam mo ang bigat ng pinagdadaanan nila. Pinilit hinulma ang karakter nila para bigyan ng buhay ang buhay nilang akala mo’y patapon na. 

Pangalawa, ang ganda ng Maynila. Cinematography ang nagpabuhay. Ang bawat paggiling ng camera ay siyang nagpabuhay ng bawat eksena. Madilim ang gustong ipakita pero daig pa ang liwanag sa ganda ng pagpapakita ng Pilipinas. 

Huli, di lang basta kwentong ipinilit. Pinilit mong isipin anong pinagdaanan nila, kung paano sila nawasak at kung paanong nabuong muli. Ang ending pinigil ko ang luha kong pumatak kasi baka umulan. Yun na! 

PS: Minus the thematic animation underwater scene, napakahusay ng lahat! 

Congratulations!!! Sana marami pang ganitong pelikulang talento ang matinding sandata.

Bad circumstances: God is in control.

Who wouldn’t be grateful for having a sovereign God who is in control of every situation, despite the bad circumstances that is happening?
Yesterday, I parked my car in Rockwell and bought some stuffs with a friend. When we went back to my car, I noticed that my front tire was flat. My friend told me that someone might have mistakenly hit Saber so we sought the help of the Admin folks if they can review the cctv, but at the back of my head, I’m praying to God that no one did this. So the mall admin went with me to my car, asked to have the cctv be reviewed, offered to arrange someone to bring me home if in case my car wont get fixed and called two guards to assist me change my tire. Then, 2 more admin on duty followed to offer additional help to me in whatever possible way they can and even had my parking fee waived. How about that?

Thankfully that I had a spare tire and some tools at the back of my car, the guards helped me changed my tire and found out there’s a barb wire that hit my tire and gladly no one tried to do something with Saber. 

Praise God for His graces that I don’t deserve. He kept me safe until I find shelter in a secured parking lot and sending very accommodating and very helpful people. No one’s hurt and had my tire vulcanized with no further damage at a very low price. Isn’t God an amazing God?

PS: Kudos to all Rockwell Power Plant Admin staff and guards. You have been all very helpful and I can’t thank you enough.

3 countries in 24 hours.

So how do you go about having a time constraint planned itinerary? Embrace it.

We left Manila, Philippines at around 3:30pm due to a delayed flight and touched down Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at around 8:00pm. Travelled by taxi to our pre-booked accommodation in Mercu Serviced Apartments which is like 8 minute walk to Petronas Twin Towers. We had dinner at a fastfood-like place called Pepita’s and went straight to the mesmerizing twin towers. Home at close to 12:00am for a quick freshen up and nap, shall I say, for us to leave at 2:00am for a 6:00am flight to our next destination.

Almost an hour ride from the city to the airport, we flew to Singapore to experience Universal Studios for the third time. It still feels the same first time of being an excited kid riding the movies you’ve grown up with. Staying here quickly for just 27 hours but still managed to meet my friends and former workmates reminiscing the good old days.

Adventure continues as we cross back to Malaysia, this time in Johor Bahru where Legoland is located. Due to horrible lines in the immigration, our time were constrained. Checked in to their themed hotel with its amazingly amenities almost all made with lego. Worth every penny especially if you are tagging along children with you. Short with time though to explore the theme park, good thing long rides line was avoided since less people were in. 

Swiftly after the buffet breakfast, we rented cabs to bring us to Senai Airport for an 11:00am flight back to Kuala Lumpur for another flight back to Manila. I met Nando’s again after so long back when I was in Ireland few years back. This was also the time to catch up on our pasalubong shopping. Good thing their airports have malls to shop conveniently. 

Whew! That was a fast 96 hours journeying 3 countries with 8 airport encounters and 3 different hotels from different parts of Asia. Having 10 adults traveling, tagging along 3 kids was indeed a challenge but worth embracing every step of the way.