COVID-19 is real.

Posting after 3 months over my COVID experience, sharing this here. Yes, I have had COVID symptoms. Only family members and close friends knew, by CHOICE, as I have not been comfortable talking about it, until yet. Likewise, I don’t want to disrupt the daily routines and disturb others. Sharing this for others to be … Continue reading COVID-19 is real.

Conversations with the Lord: Birthday Thoughts

Conversations with the Lord are the best of best times we can ever have. In the context of moment by moment surrender, we sometimes reflect on how we deal with ourselves on the present. The situation brings us into the context of taking care of the gift of ‘self’. On my special day of the … Continue reading Conversations with the Lord: Birthday Thoughts

Suspected COVID?

Have you ever felt ATTACKED because someone suspected you carrying the virus? Since this COVID-19 pandemic kept us in our homes, no one knows who could be a deadly carrier or who’s well. Mandates on face masks, shields and social distancing brought us to the “new normal” as to not transmit this virus. One afternoon … Continue reading Suspected COVID?

It’s okay not to be okay.

I have been off Facebook and Twitter for a few days as it has been quite toxic with all of the commentaries of different beliefs. There has been a lot going on with this Pandemic yet some would still choose to stand firm to what they feel they are entitled. We often forget the word … Continue reading It’s okay not to be okay.

COVID-19: What brought us?

With the birth of the Corona virus spread over humanity, it turned the world into a pandemic phenomena. A lot has to be taken in with the growth of the issue taking the challenge into a worldwide perspective. Uncertainties come with the continuous search for solutions to the global prodigy that we are facing yet … Continue reading COVID-19: What brought us?

#SavetheFrontliners #NoToVIPTreatment

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases comes the verge of the hashtags #NoToVIPTesting #MassTestingNowPH; with the politicians, using their own powers, to be tested ahead prior to the symptomatic ones. Vulnerability of health care professionals, whom we consider to be "front liners", were not being prioritized as well. One instance happened in a hospital … Continue reading #SavetheFrontliners #NoToVIPTreatment

EX-cess Baggage

Whenever we travel, it is always a struggle to hold our lives inside a suitcase for the number of days we are staying with a specified amount of weight allowed. Travelers will understand how difficult it is to get all your things inside your luggage without missing out your daily routine essentials satisfying what is … Continue reading EX-cess Baggage

Ending a decade: 2019.

I usually round up the year I had but did a quick one on my IG stories. (follow me: @jorellrendon 😉) What could be more testifying is writing what have I learned instead. Here's a brief yet a matured one. After getting my professional license, I ended up working, practicing my profession and looks everything … Continue reading Ending a decade: 2019.

Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Hello, Love, Goodbye is a story about choosing between love or pursuing your dreams. Kathryn Bernardo outstandingly exemplifies the character of selfless ‘Joy’ whom the only reason is her family as to why she keeps on pressing on her dreams. Then came ‘Ethan’ portrayed by Alden Richards (surprisingly delineates the character well), a happy go … Continue reading Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Do Burma: A diverse Myanmar experience.

We are customed with usual tourist-y spots when we visit a foreign land. Here in @doburma, far more different than the usual. Sharing one of the highlights of my Yangon trip. It was an amazing experience learning Myanmar’s language, culture, history, food and a lot more. We started learning their language on a classroom like … Continue reading Do Burma: A diverse Myanmar experience.