Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night catching your breath seeing that there is no air coming out from your nose and with no where you can hold on to the point of melting down to your knee in tears saying “Father, I am surrendering it all to You.”

I just did at 2:00am, and I have never been grateful.

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True Life.

Have you ever felt you exerted your full effort just to fill in the emptiness that you are feeling yet in the end, you still feel incomplete?

You keep running and searching to find that real happiness to fulfil what your heart wants yet we still cannot be satisfied.

It was one of those humbling experience knowing what our lives lies ahead of us. It was one of my goals for this year to grow my relationship with God, enriching my spiritual life. Yes, I am a regular Sunday church goer, but there is this urge to know who God is and forming that straight view towards him.

“Because my heart is full, and my soul is free. In my weakness, You had a plan for me. Now I sing the song, angels cannot sing. I have been reborn. I have been redeemed. And I can’t stop singin’ about Your love.” 🎶🎤 

It was my last day here in  Manila before flying for a vacation when I finally decided to join a retreat. No expectations nor any preparations, I fervently submitted myself thinking this may help my spiritual journey to God.

It was indeed a leap of faith with all my fears and my broken vessels, every word directed to what my heart desires. From the topic of Father’s love through how important the cross was, through the saving power of our saviour, all our sins were paid. God wouldn’t want us to suffer the pains of hell that’s why he gave his only son to cleanse our brokenness and hid as a new creature. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

“I was made by you, I was made for you. And I am unfulfilled, without full communion. Since your love got a hold on me, I’m a new creation, I’m forever changed.” 🎧🎶

Every minute and every second, I felt blessed thinking that in every suffering that Jesus provided for us, who am I not to melt down my knee to praise him? This is how I valued my life then and give in to this new journey with our saviour. Nevertheless, offering and submitting my whole life to him was worth a lifetime. The virtue of baptism came into me with my grateful heart wide open and there’s no turning back. This is what I will look back whenever life is testing me thinking that my life has been given and it is no longer me but Christ who lives in me.

The experience will never be complete without the people whom I think God has planned to cross and share our lives with. I have never thought with the acceptance they have given me and support they have given me, they are indeed a blessing from the above as they tag along my journey to eternal life. I have prayed for this moment and I cannot believe that God has been moving in every possible way in his perfect time. I continue to pray to him that this may be an answer to my longing for years and continue to support me in this walk towards ending my wilderness.

I know my relationship with God has just been starting through enriching my prayer life. Everyday I have been passionately deliberating my passions to develop for his greater glory. Knowing my life has been with him all through out is definitely enough to complete me, with joy within myself and happiness that the world transpires with me.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, He is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Numbering out 2015.

Numbering my days of the year that was by counting every blessing that was showered. Being grateful for what life has offered and what’s more in store for 2016. Let’s flashback and count them.


Started the year by being thankful for my family and friends who are always there.

Choosing to avoid cruelty and stay compassionate by choosing a plant-based diet and go vegetarian.

Climbed Luzon’s highest peak, Mt. Pulag seeing God’s amazing creations.

Friends need to leave for the better but you know they stay in your heart.

Summer spent in the islands of Calaguas, Baler, Zambales, Bolinao, La Union, Lipa and Subic.

Started driving and continuously learning.

Tried almost every restaurant around the joint trying to satisfy the palates.

Appreciating the love for stage plays by supporting Filipino made plays, KPANLL, Rak of Aegis, The Normal Heart, to name a few.

Unlimited out of town trips to Tagaytay, Baguio with family.

Continued the Sunday church day and family day to bring back everything to the above.

Taiwan trip pushed thru and trying it solo. Ticking off the Taipei 101 on the bucket list. Awesome experience and thanking God for a safe travel.

Never ending out of town drives to Tagaytay, Baguio, Batangas, Bataan, Subic,  even further to Cebu to the islands of Malapascua.

The highlight of my year was when I step a notch on my career being promoted as a ‘Team Lead’ after just being in the business for only 1 1/2 years. God really knows where to put you in his perfect time.

Provided with a multiple visa for Korea was a great blessing, flying to their capital Seoul and the outskirts of Jeju experiencing their Autumn weather and culture.

Completing the year spending it with the family I love staying with them this Christmas and New Year season.


There are lots of little more things to be grateful for. Many plans ahead for this coming year. What matters is we close everyday giving back everything to our creator and let his plans lay out for in the end we all want a well lived life and all is well with our saviour.

The problem with the so called ‘STRONG PEOPLE’ is that they no longer use their brains. They just continue proving themselves that they are STRONG.

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Scene last night: A group of kiddos making a scene and does not want to pay for their ordered pizza for a difference of 300php for blaming the server for not ‘proactively’ differentiating what solo and regular size is, without them asking. What’s your take? 😳🍕 #ialwaysaskwhatiorder – at Pages Deli

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Contentment vs. Complacency


It was a beautiful Sunday morning and randomly ‘Contentment’ has been the topic of the message in the church. So I tried to be listen and comprehend the message and it all boils down to being grateful and appreciate everything that life has to offer. 

As I deepen my reads with this topic, I came across an article by Andrea Richards Scott, who is a visionary that helps transform your passion into profits, which helps me understand more the difference between Contentment and Complacency. 

Furthermore, I became more firm with my stand of practicing gratefulness as I start my everyday devotion as I face my life at work and dealing with things around me. I tend to extend my understanding among others and see the positive side in everything. 

And so, I am sharing this excellent read in order to keep us inspired in our daily lives. 

Contentment vs. Complacency

The Purpose Guide by: Andrea Richards Scott

With all of the personal and professional development pressure to accomplish goals and pursue success, there doesn’t seem to be any room for satisfaction. Yet, I believe that the first step to success is contentment. There is a definite difference between contentment and complacency. Individuals who are content have a posture of gratitude, thanksgiving, and acknowledgement.


It has been my experience that people who are content are grateful for what they have even as they seek to achieve their goals. They have experienced success in the past and have a quiet confidence that will enable them to achieve even more. These individuals have a strong sense of self so they aren’t trying to prove anything to anyone else. On the other hand, individuals who are complacent believe that things are okay as they are and are not likely to get better. Therefore they make no effort to improve their situation. They tend to be ungrateful about the things that they do have. They typically exhibit traits of low self-esteem and seem to have something to prove. This is evident in their attempt to be something that they are not or live above their means.


Another noticeable characteristic of individuals who are content is that they are thankful for the opportunities that they have received. It is with this attitude of thanksgiving that they seek out new prospects and projects. Their attitude seems to attract additional opportunities. People sense their positive energy and want to be in their presence, do business with them, and reward their efforts. Individuals who are complacent seem to have the opposite effect. Instead of being thankful, they tend to complain about their situation while doing nothing to change it. Because they can’t appreciate how much they have already achieved, they are powerless to achieve more. Their negative energy deters progress and drives people away. As a result, they tend to receive less leads and referrals.


Individuals who are content understand that they wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t receive help from others. They accept the fact that they need something greater than themselves in order to achieve true success. They realize that they need to partner with others in order to get to their desired destination. While it looks like they are in waiting mode, individuals who are content realize that sometimes situations are outside of their control. They are able to refrain from activity that is counterproductive in order to plan actions that produce results. Conversely, complacent individuals think that they are responsible for their current success. They think that they have achieved everything on their own. They may not believe in anything beside themselves or trust that others are willing to help them succeed. They may not believe that a force or power outside of themselves is working on their behalf. These individuals tend to wait for opportunity to knock rather than seeking it out. Since they don’t seek help or support from others, they get burned out quickly trying to manage situations that are not within their scope. In fact, they may spin their wheels trying to manage something that promises great results but has lack-luster reward.

While we push towards more and more success, we must take a moment to evaluate which model we have adapted. Are we content? Do we feel grateful, thankful, and supported? It is essential that we evaluate our underlying motivations because they drive results. Being content positions us for future success while being complacent sets us up for failure.